Buga Technic provides an exhaustive trailer spare parts for a range of trailers (ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes) containing agricultural trailers, building trailers (containing dump trailers, machinery transporters and fuel bowsers). We supply a wide range of components available stock containing an wide range of axles, truck suspension parts, hitches, tyres, rims, brakes, lamps and many more. And also, our team contains a large number of staff with wide experience of trailer and motor spares leaving them well placed to assist our customers with technical queries and design issues. As our team says “seeing is believing”. So please give us a call when you are next passing and the staff of Buga Technic will be very happy to assist you.

In our range you could find all kinds of heavy duty trailer parts that are high quality and premium branded for trucks, trailers and buses. Find all trailer parts below.

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