clutch parts

Information about Clutch Parts

Information about Clutch Parts

Whether you prefer mechanical or hydraulic clutches, Buga Technic Original spare part truck clutch parts work exactly and impeccable, due to their high-quality materials and first-class workmanship.

The various Buga Technic clutch parts are exactly matched and are available for many different truck models. That’s exactly what you’d expect from the real specialists.

Privatized quality

Our all clutch parts are manufactured using specific procedures that provide them with protection against abrasion and premature wear. That’s OEM quality you can depend on.

The clutch parts cylinders are lightweight and compact, the clutch cables carefully mensurable. The components confirmation one another perfectly, providing a supremely comfortable driving feeling.

truck clutch parts
truck clutch parts

The hardest-working component in any truck with a manual transmission is the clutch. Every start, every stop and every gear change means the clutch is charming and disengaging. The rubbing that is created between the clutch disc. Persuade plate and flywheel when the clutch engages generates heat and wear. And also the more the driver “rides” the clutch pedal or lets it slip overly, the hotter the clutch disc gets and the faster it wears.

Performance of Clutch Parts

Anything that increases the load on the clutch also speed up wear. This includes things like towing a heavy trailer, trucking heavy loads in a pickup truck, or spinning the tires in a muscle car. Performance engine mods that boost power also grow the require on the clutch.

All clutch parts are rated to handle a certain amount of torsion. The power rating of the clutch depends on the application. The power output of the engine and the type of driving or use the clutch will experiment. Larger, heavier trucks as well as performance trucks typically have stronger or higher capacity clutches. The clutch parts disc and pressure plate may have a larger diameter to spread the load across a larger surface area. The liner on the clutch parts disc may be a higher temperature, more wear resistant rubbing material. The midriff spring or coil springs in the pressure plate may be stiffer so the clutch can hold heavier loads without slithering.

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