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Information about Trailer Parts

Information about Trailer Parts

Towing and trailers are  doubtlessly,one of the largest freely of heavy duty trailer parts . Our range as Buga Technic will cover almost all you would need to either building, maintaining or servicing a trailer parts.

Trailer Running Gear

We have in a breeze available spare parts such as; Suspension Units, Couplings and Brakes. We also offer kits to suit both braked and unbraked trailer spare parts ranging from 800kg-3400kg.

trailer parts foto
trailer parts foto

Lights and Electrics

More than 300 lights in stock, we have an large scaled range of lights to suit various applications. Multifunction LED and bulb rear lights are invariably stocked on our shelves along with replacement lenses and reflectors.

Chassis and Body Fittings

Our range of trailer body fittings includes truck spare parts such as Hinges, Cotter pins, Antiluce fasteners, Lynch pins, Overcentre catches, Handles, Gas Struts, Anchor plates, Rope hooks, Spring bolts, U bolts and much more.

Jockey Wheels and Prop Stands

Accessible are 34mm, 42mm and 48mm smooth and ribbed jockey wheels. The 34mm being suitable for the smaller unbraked trailer spare parts and the 48mm costated perfect for the more commercial trailers. Our range has also cover these shaft diameter with pressed and cast clamps to suit.

We provide an inclusive trailer spares parts service for a range of trailers including trucks, agricultural and construction trailers and supply an large scaled range of components, axles, suspension parts, hitches, tyres and much more suitable to buy online.

Our all trailer parts, constituent and accessories we supply are all high quality.

Our team includes a large number of staff with large scaled knowledge and experience in the industry and we are every second  hand to help with any requests, orders, queries or issues you may have. For more information about our trailer parts, accessories and components, get in touch.

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