truck gearbox parts

Technical Information About Gearbox Parts

Information about materials and components

As a heavy duty truck parts supplier, we have prepared an article for our Gearbox parts are typically made of steel or cast iron and may be dwelling in an iron unit. The grade of materials are used in the production of gearbox parts needs to be high to provide their durableness and safety. The main constituent of truck gearbox parts are typically:

  • Planetary gearbox sets: the sun, ring and planetary gears are structured of aluminium, stainless steel or brass. The materials are used varies depending on the manufacturer.
  • Hydraulic system: sends transmission fluid under persuade to all parts of the transmission. The new systems are more complex and are related with computerized electrical components.
  • Seals and gaskets: a seal is made of rubberise. Common gasket materials are paper, cork, rubberise, silicone and soft metal.
  • Torque converter in automatic gearbox parts or a clutch in manuals.
  • Regulator and modulator.
truck gearbox parts
truck gearbox parts

Gearbox parts are becoming more effective, increasing attention is paid to power and fuel saving, and the production of gearbox parts are becoming more cost effective. This market shows high potency for developing-country suppliers, because European imports of gearbox parts and their parts are increasing. The market is also changing quickly, due to technological and regulatory progress. This report shows the potential and most related trends and necessity for the European market on gearbox parts.

Quality requirements

The quality, reliableness and expected durableness of gearbox parts used in trucks in Europe is very high.

The quality of materials are used in the production of spare parts must be high to quarantee their durableness and safety and the supplied parts have to be attentively produced and examined, as defective parts may be returned. European producers will necessitate very high standards of gear parts, should they outsource. (Dimension) tolerances will be tight and the esthetics will be more important. For gearbox parts, attending will focus not only on the quality of the internal gear pats. The quality of the casting will also be investigated.


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