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About Us.

The ASN Foundation Group was formed in 1975. It was founded by Ali in 1975
Küçüksarıkulak and his 5 employees as Akın Printing House in Konya.
The first investment outside of the press was made in the automotive sector.
Buga Teknik Motor Vehicles was established to market and export trucks and trailers
Spare Parts.
In order to increase efficiency and create synergies, it was decided to gather under one roof
Umbrella as ASN group of companies and headquarters of all companies were
gathered at our campus in Konya Organized Industry.
Buga Technic is a manufacturer and trading company for trucks, trailers and buses
Spare parts with more than 10 years of experience and 30,000 types of products for
Original premium brands and high-quality aftermarket parts in the range. Buga technique
offers its partners to minimize their operational, freight costs and quality risks
supply all their needs from one place instead of many suppliers for each one
Requirement. We supply our products with elastic quantities, 1 year warranty,
fast delivery times, competitive prices and unconditional customer satisfaction.



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